• Film thickness: 30 mc -200 mc
  • Roll width: 15 sm - 300 sm


  • Shrink film is a type of packaging performed by wrapping the products through shrinking the nylon with heat treatment for all products.
  • It is the most ideal and economic packaging method can be applied easily.
  • It would be the first choice of all users by providing the various options besides the occurrence of economic.
  • The shrink films wrap the product tightly by applying the heat treatment together with the products.
  • It prevents the products from dissolving, being damaged form rain, powder and sunlight; provides ease of transport. Suitable for recycling.
  • They are used in the industries of domestic appliance, electronic goods, ceramic, glass, beverage, metal, food, raw material, packaging, etc.                                     


  • Width of the Film: 15 cm. - 300 cm.
  • Thickness of the Film: 30 mic - 200 mic.

The thickness of the film may change according to the weight of the load to be packed and usage and storage conditions.

  • It is produced from the low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • It is transparent and shiny
  • It can be produced in desired color
  • Flexo printing can be done on it.
  • If it is desired, UV additive can be added in the film
  • It is in the form of roll
  • Shrinking procedure is performed by using the shrink lines and ovens.


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